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February 4, 2021

White Paper: COVID-19 2021 Analysis

Milender White (MW) proffered our thoughts nearly nine months ago on the impacts of COVID-19 on construction with projections into the future – a future we are now living in. Then and now, we concisely communicated what we are seeing in our specific markets to help our client’s decision making. We suggested in April that there would be a limited window to successfully capture savings and so far, we have seen this to be true. The chart in the report is our internal tracking of average construction costs for multi-key construction in our markets over recent years. While the individual components of costs went up and down, the overall pricing had been steadily rising each quarter. We saw a steep initial drop in pricing as COVID-19 began but have recently seen prices increase to mid-2019 levels.

So why is this increase happening and more importantly – what can we do to get projects built? Click here to find out.

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