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Our Approach

Practiced and perfected processes that ensure your project’s success.

The Way We Work

Delivering complete visibility and efficient project management—from the initial stages of development to the planning and execution of construction—and every step in between.

Our Four-Part Development Process  

Concepting, analyzing and planning every detail of every phase to achieve the very best final product—now and in the future.

Integrated Construction & Development 

Concept & Feasibility

Every project at Milender White starts in the same place—with a vision. In order to successfully bring that vision to life, we consider the concept’s feasibility. Our team looks closely at preliminary market analysis and financial underwriting, conceptual construction costs, and more. We collaboratively propose creative programming solutions that align financial reality with ownership’s objectives. It’s not until all those numbers line up – the goal being that the final financial underwriting matches the assumptions made at the onset of a project – that we continue the process of making the vision a reality.

Entitlements & Analysis

The next step in our process is to complete the entitlements and full due diligence for the project. We work the site plan and zoning and initiate geotechnical, traffic, parking, and drainage studies. Also, during this stage we hunt for the best “fit” capital partners for the project.

Design Management

A lot happens during a project’s Design Management phase to get our final site plan submittal. From trending (iterative estimating based on design revisions), value engineering, and sales and marketing team sourcing—to the management of the construction document preparation, refinement of the business plan, and advanced financial underwriting—Milender White has the right resources to keep everything moving forward. Engaging Milender White’s preconstruction team to manage the process ensures the initial underwriting holds from concept to completed documents. 

Close Capital

As we move into the final step of our development process, the heavy lifting largely shifts to legal management. We complete the final business plan, finalize debt and equity negotiations, and close the capital. It’s not until all agreements—including the construction contract—have been executed and all building permits secured, that we can start our construction operations.

Our Blueprint For Step-By-Step Construction Success 

From the preconstruction to project completion, our overall Construction approach is rooted in precision, collaboration, and future planning.

Construction Approach 


To deliver the highest quality and most cost-effective results, we begin every project with our Preconstruction phase. Here we define the scope of the project and budget needed to meet client expectations. We finalize construction documents through cost estimate exercises, design-assist efforts and reviews. We prequalify and vet our subcontractor partners. The earlier you’re able to engage Milender White in the process, the stronger the value we can deliver. This process ensures there will be no cost surprises as your project moves to operations. 

Project Operations

At Milender White, project management starts well before construction. In order to deliver the most cost-effective, best-in-quality projects we’re known for — while also remaining on schedule — we integrate our field and preconstruction teams as early as possible in order to maintain control of cost, quality, safety, schedule through clear, concise communication. Our projects are managed and communicated through tested and trusted processes, and our success is grounded in a culture of safety and relationships.

Project Completion and Closeout

How we finish a project defines its success. Here, Milender White works closely with inspectors to establish mutual understanding of expectations for successfully achieving occupancy of the building. We also provide commissioning support and reviews of commissioning plans and protocols to ensure compliance by all material suppliers and subcontractors—all while maintaining open communication with the commissioning agent. Finally, our teams turn to our tested and trusted methods to ensure the project turnover and contract closeout procedures all adhere to the project’s specific requirements.

Maintenance and Warranty

When it comes to preventative care, Milender White has a strong track record of doing what it takes to keep our projects satisfactory long after completion. We work with property management teams and occupants to plan and execute preventative maintenance, including warranty scheduling, routine follow-ups, and above all, responsiveness.