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June 22, 2016


Bryon White
President & CEO

As we near the completion of an important Milender White community service project, rebuilding a family home in Lyons that was destroyed in the 2013 flood, I thought I would reflect on the emotions that we’ve experienced over the past 3 years. It has been quite a journey, full of frustration, empathy for the Wechsler family, commitment and pride.

What you are thinking is absolutely correct: How can it take 3 years to build a home? In lies the frustration, due to continuous challenges with FEMA and the local building department. It has taken a lot of focus and persistence by our team and partners to overcome obstacles and stay on track to get this thing done.

But our frustrations were nothing compared to what the Wechsler family had to endure. We all wanted to complete the rebuild as quickly as possible so that the family could get back into their home and the boys could run and play again like they did before the September 2013 flood. As the delays continued, everyone involved has had to take a deep breath in order to get through the emotions and keep going.

Through it all, we focused on creating a great space for the family. As we near the end, the pride that everyone is now feeling, combined with the commitment of my staff and the countless subcontractors and suppliers that have donated time and money, are awe-inspiring. The house is on track to be finished in August and will be double the size of the original structure, with a 2-story 1,500 square foot addition. Our team, partners and volunteers have committed approximately 1,000 man hours to the project and donated $200,000 worth of materials, labor and equipment. I want to thank our key partners: OZ Architecture, Rimkus Consulting Group, Colorado Framing and Construction, ProCraft Mechanical, Barnes Electrical Contracting and Gates Concrete Forming Systems. On the Milender White team, I want to give a shout out to Adam Mack, Paul Koch, Brad Duran and Devin Castor for their leadership and understanding of what JFDI means: JUST FOCUS AND DO IT.

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