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November 17, 2016

MW Completes Charity Project for Family

Employees with Milender White construction company and a team of subcontractors presented a Lyons family with a rebuilt home completed by volunteers and with over $300,000 in donated materials, labor, and equipment. Dave and Cat Wechsler and their two sons were among approximately 70 families in Lyons who were displaced by the devastating September 2013 flood. This is the only known major charity rebuilding project completed by local companies in the region after the flood.

“Community service is an important core value at Milender White. We’re committed to supporting the hard-working families in our communities and we’re proud of the beautiful home that we rebuilt for the Wechslers and their sons, who have gone through so much since the 2013 flood,” said Milender White President & CEO Bryon White. “Now the Wechslers can celebrate the holidays in their home and that gives us great joy.”

“It’s been a long three years since the flood, but we are relieved to have our home back. We can’t thank Milender White enough for building this beautiful home for us,” said Cat Wechsler. “Miracles can happen. Miracles DO happen.”

The Wechsler home was one of the hardest hit during the 2013 flood, when the St. Vrain River overflowed after 3 straight days of heavy rain. Generations of the Wechsler family had lived in the area for over 100 years, and had survived blizzards, hail and even a tornado over the years. The flood caused the home to be submerged in three feet of water and destroyed part of the foundation.

Since the flood, the Wechslers have been living in a trailer and over the father’s workshop. Milender White connected with the family through Boulder County Housing and Human Services and began the rebuilding process earlier this year, after lengthy delays obtaining permits.

“I feel extremely fortunate to have had a part in building a new home for this wonderful family who lost so much in the flood,” said Joycelyn Fankhouser, Emergency Management Coordinator with Boulder County Housing and Human Services. Fankhouser initially introduced the Wechsler family to Milender White and helped set the rebuilding process in motion. “The determination of the Milender White team and all the great companies that have donated their time and money has been extraordinary,” she said. Through a case manager, Fankhouser was able to support the rebuilding process as well as help guide and advocate when necessary.

Reconstruction included building a new foundation, elevating the house, erecting new walls, replacing the roof, flooring and deck. The new home will be double the size of the original structure, with a 2-story 1,500 square foot addition. The Milender White team, partners and volunteers committed approximately 2,500 hours to the project and donated $300,000 worth of materials, labor and equipment. Key partners include: OZ Architecture, Rimkus Consulting Group, Colorado Framing and Construction, ProCraft Mechanical, Barnes Electrical Contracting, Diversified Builders Inc. and Interior Resource Group.

About Milender White:
Milender White is an innovator in construction, delivering outstanding projects based on proven systems and advanced technology. With offices in Colorado and southern California, we are builders of award-winning commercial and residential projects. We provide unsurpassed service to clients, superb career opportunities, and total commitment to safety, quality and integrity. More information is available at

DATE: November 17, 2016
CONTACTS: Myung Kim,, 303-502-4000;
Jim Williams,, 303-579-6971

The Wechsler house immediately after the September 2013 flood.

The construction was done by Milender White Volunteers. Their orange shirts inscribed with JFDI, which stands for Just Focus and Do It

November 17, 2016: Dedication Ceremony


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