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Our Approach

Integrated Construction & Development

Our Four-Part Development Process 

Soon after site selection, our development and construction teams work together to ensure each development is grounded on informed decisions.  Continuous integration of the owner with the design team, construction team and key subcontractors produces the most efficient design with the highest value to the project.

Concept & Feasibility

Every project at Milender White starts in the same place—with a vision. But first, we consider the concept’s feasibility. Our team looks closely at preliminary market analysis and financial underwriting, conceptual construction costs, and more. We collaboratively propose creative solutions that align financial reality with ownership’s objectives. When those numbers line up, we begin bringing that vision to life.

Next: Entitlements

Entitlements & Analysis

Our next step is to complete the entitlements and full due diligence for the project. We develop the site zoning, building or master plans and initiate geotechnical, traffic, parking, and drainage studies. Also, during this stage we engage with the strongest and most appropriate capital partners for the project.

Next: Design

Design Management

From trending (iterative estimating based on design revisions) and value engineering, to the management of the construction document preparation, refinement of the business plan, and advanced financial underwriting—Milender White has the right resources to keep everything moving forward. Engaging our preconstruction team to manage the process ensures the initial underwriting holds from concept to completed documents.

Next: Close Capital

Close Capital

As we move into the final step of our development process, the heavy lifting largely shifts to legal management. We complete the final business plan, finalize debt and equity negotiations, and close the capital. It’s not until all agreements—including the construction contract—have been executed and all building permits secured, that we can start our construction operations.

Construction Process