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DEN UPS Sewer Line Replacement

Denver, CO

Type: Civil, Government

Owner: Denver International Airport, Planning & Engineering Division Office

Architect: The RMH Group, Inc.

The City & County of Denver, Department of Aviation, initiated a project at DEN to construct a new sanitary sewer line from the west restrooms and showers in the UPS tenant space in the south cargo building B to the existing on-site sanitary sewer system.  The existing waste line within the building was determined to be failing and has caused numerous waste line back-ups.

MW will construct a new sanitary sewer line from the west locker rooms in the UPS Tenant space at 26400 E. 75th Ave. on Denver International Airport property to the existing manhole for the sanitary sewer system to the North.

Work includes new 4” pipe starting inside the building and continuing outside to the North approximately 200’ with concrete and asphalt demolition and replacement. The manhole liner patching was still under warranty from the previous project and was replaced in partnership with KR Swerdfeger Construction.

Both the interior and exterior work is phased to provide access for trucks and pedestrians as needed so that the area is accessible during non-construction hours.  Temporary facilities were provided on-site for employees’ use while the permanent facilities are shut down.  Additional traffic control was used when needed to ensure a safe working environment.

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