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Josephine Commons – Phase I

455 N Burlington Ave.
Lafayette, CO

Type: Multi-Unit Residential

Owner: Boulder County Housing Authority

Architect: HB&A

Project Summary

Phase I of the Josephine Commons low-income and senior housing residential development encompasses approximately 3.7 acres and includes a three-story, 70-unit senior apartment building, two single-story duplexes and associated parking lots, driveways, landscaping and supporting utility infrastructure. The utility infrastructure includes the majority of the utility main lines, which are also used to support Phase II developments.

The 85,800 sq. ft. senior building includes a large community dining and events room, a commercial kitchen, a small meeting room on each floor, a library and a leasing office. Two one-story duplexes situated near the south edge of the project site add another four senior units for a total of 74. The duplex units were constructed offsite by a modular manufacturer. Each duplex is 1,800 sq. ft. with an 1,800 sq. ft. basement.

The site and structures incorporate multiple renewable energy technologies. All unit mechanical systems consist of individual heat pumps serviced via a vertical ground source geothermal bore field. The 50 geothermal bore holes were installed over and through existing coal mine shafts. On the roof of the senior building, a photovoltaic system includes a ballasted array of 98KW; an additional 30KW is installed on the carport parking structure. All units are equipped with water conserving appliances and fixtures, efficient lighting and individual electrical submeters. These sustainable features resulted in an approximate 30% savings from baseline ASHRAE 90.1. The project meets the Green Communities Criteria Checklist as required by Colorado Housing Finance Authority (CHFA).

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