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Walsh Manor Renovation

1790 W. Mosier Place
Denver, CO

Type: Multi-Unit Residential

Owner: Denver Housing Authority

Architect: SBSA Investigative Engineers

Project Summary

Walsh Manor, built in 1965, contains 12 stories of senior housing with a 13th-floor penthouse. Its structure consists of cast-in-place concrete with brick veneer applied to the exterior walls. Milender White arrived at Walsh Manor in 2009 to perform a greatly needed restoration for the comfort and safety of the residents.

Another general contractor had significantly remodeled the building in 1994, installing exterior sheathing and finish walls (EIFS) and new windows on all elevations. Unfortunately, this wall system began failing just 15 years later due to several factors. Woodpeckers had penetrated holes in all sides of the building. Over time, water had flowed into these cavities, deteriorated gypsum board, and caused mold to form. The rain screens did not function properly, and so water entered the building around the windows and the thermal seals failed. Additionally, wind had dislodged large sections of the sheathing.

We worked closely with the Denver Housing Authority and our design-build partner, SBSA, to execute the design, implementation and all general contracting services for the removal and replacement of 6,000 sq. ft. of EIFS and 63 low-e windows. The scope of work also included removal of the west barrel vault obstructing the western view from the penthouse and installation of single-ply membrane roofing and sheet metal coping at the demolished barrel vault.

The 88 senior-living apartments remained fully occupied during the restoration.

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