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June 22, 2021

White Paper: Adaptive Reuse Construction

COVID-19 has taught us many lessons at Milender White (MW), specifically the lesson that we must be adaptable, flexible and innovative. COVID-19 has redefined so much, including how our workspaces function, our retail habits, and how important accessible housing is for all. Now is the time to respond to COVID-19 lessons as we examine our buildings. An outdated hotel, mall or warehouse can become inspiring new workforce housing, live/work apartments, or a mixed-use town center. Adaptive reuse is taking an old building or site and reusing it for a purpose other than what it was originally built or designed for Рour industry’s version of recycling.

At MW, change means transforming old buildings depleted of vitality into new communities. Across nearly a quarter-century, we have witnessed how our communities and their needs drive a redefinition of project types . . . office buildings transformed to housing or live/work environments, hotels remade for homeless supportive housing, student housing or mixed uses, retail space recast as housing or offices, or whatever new function suits the outdated space. When we partner early in redevelopment projects, we effectively work together for priority returns and maximize our shared knowledge and experience, which is essential for solving the complexities of adaptive reuse construction.

What does it take to be successful at modernizing old buildings and preserving historic spaces? Click here to find out.

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