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36th & Downing Civil

36th and Downing
Denver, CO

Type: Civil

Owner: City of Denver, Dept. of Transportation

Architect: Entitlement and Engineering Solutions Inc.

Project Summary

The 36th and Downing 2-Way Conversion project, called “The Lawrence Swoop” will convert a high-injury network area of Downing Street and North Marion Street to two-way streets with a new network of signalized lights and bike routes.  Milender White is completing the civil work in four phases.  Work will include the installation of sidewalks, new alley entrances, new sewer mainline, new curb, gutter and sidewalks and paving at the intersection of Downing, 36th and Larimer.  Two new traffic lights and pedestrian signals at the intersection of Lawrence, Downing and 25th will be installed, as well as light son Downing and Walnut.  Additional pavingsignage and restriping will occur on Downing and on Marion to support two-way traffic. 

Why is this 2-way project happening?

This part of northeast Denver has long been dangerous for pedestrians and drivers. The current site is in what the city calls a High Injury Network (HIN). These are a network of streets that represent only 5% of Denver’s roads, but are responsible for 50% of traffic deaths! To promote better pedestrian safety and flow of traffic, Downing St. and N. Marion St. will be converted to two-way streets and a new network of signalized lights, sidewalks will be installed and extend neighborhood bike routes as recommended in the 38th and Blake Station Area Plan.

What is the community benefit?

Although there will be a short-term inconvenience of construction and new traffic patterns, this is a long-term investment in the safety of our residents. This site has the highest rates of pedestrian vulnerability, above average rates of seniors without cars, highest level of vulnerability for children to experience a traffic accident, higher than average concentrations of people with disabilities, highest rate of streets with health concerns, and the highest rate of safety concerns. This project addresses each of those concerning factors, making it a safer place for everyone – especially our most vulnerable neighbors.

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