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Denver 8 TV Production Studio

1437 Bannock St.
Denver, CO

Type: Commercial Office, Government

Owner: Denver 8 TV

Architect: Humphries Poli Architects, P.C.

Project Summary

This 12,240 sq. ft. facility is located on the lower level of Denver’s historic City and County Building. The space includes a 4,975 sq. ft. office space, 4,900 sq. ft. production area and 2,365 sq. ft. studio and master control room.

While its proximity to the everyday government activities make the City and County Building an ideal location for muncipal TV production, the space assigned within the building’s lower level – with its limited ceiling height, access to daylight, and acoustical qualities – presented significant design and construction challenges. Through a meticulous planning process and the architect’s ongoing support during construction the team was able to navigate the existing, and often unforeseen, conditions within the City and County Building.

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