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Denver Metro Village

1523 Quitman Street
Denver, CO

Type: Multi-Unit Residential, Retail

Owner: MGL Partners

Architect: Santulan Architecture

Denver Metro Village provides affordable senior housing. Milender White (MW) renovated 191 units in an 18-story tower built in 1971, and constructed 19 new multifamily units plus a 4-story, cast-in-place parking structure with covered parking for 200 vehicles, a maintenance shop, and 7,900 sq. ft. of ground-floor amenity and commercial/retail space.

The existing 19-story tower was occupied during the renovation, which occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic. To protect the vulnerable senior population, the MW team and its trade partners followed strict daily protocols and safety checks that kept them separate from the tower’s residents at all times.

The scope of renovation work included removing asbestos, upgrading all fixtures, flooring, a mix of new and restored cabinetry, major plumbing system upgrades, new fire alarm, sprinkler and smoke control systems, as well as new common area amenities. Vacating three to four floors at a time on a rolling basis allowed for asbestos abatement and unit demolition to occur before mechanical, electrical, plumbing and finish renovations.  To date, senior residents are overjoyed with the upgrades and new units they are moving into.

The project was built to comply with the Enterprise Green Communities Criteria.

Get a behind-the-scenes peek into the construction of the Denver Metro Village project.

The Groundbreaking Ceremony for Denver Metro Village was celebrated on October 17, 2019. Read more about the Groundbreaking Ceremony!

The Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for Denver Metro Village was celebrated on September 14, 2021. Read more about the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony!

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