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1130 South Kestrel Lane
Louisville, CO

Type: Government, Multi-Unit Residential, Prefabrication

Owner: Boulder County Housing Authority

Architect: Humphries Poli Architects & Barrett Studio Architects

Project Summary

Kestrel is an 18-building affordable housing development providing a total of 200 units on a 13.4-acre site, intended to create a lively neighborhood to complement Louisville, Colorado’s historic downtown. There are 14 multifamily buildings totaling 129 units and an affordable 96,683-sq. ft., three-story, elevator-served senior apartment building with 71 units.

Kestrel is a highly sustainable, energy-conscious and water-smart neighborhood designed to be sustainable for generations to come. The majority of its buildings were designed as solar-ready, with low-slope roofs and sufficient structural capacity to support photovoltaic panels. All buildings at Kestrel make use of geothermal heat-pump heating and cooling. Using the steady temperatures found deep beneath the earth’s surface, this system is over 25% more efficient than typical heating and cooling systems.

The neighborhood includes community gardens, a 1/4-mile “complete street” circulation loop, a community center, a central park, seven pocket parks, and local and regional trail connections. Throughout the development, units are designed with “artist-friendly” spaces, use of natural light, and durable materials.

Prefabrication: The Milender White prefabrication facility delivered 208,640 square feet of wall panels for this project. 

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