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DIA Concourse C Escalators Replacement

Denver, CO

Type: Government

Owner: Denver International Airport & Infrastructure Maintenance

Architect: The Roybal Corporation

Milender White removed four (4) existing escalators that were quickly approaching their end of service life and installed four (4) new escalators to carry passengers from the Train Platform (AGTS) Level, past the Apron Level, and to the Concourse Level.  In addition to the new escalators, extensive structural modifications were performed to allow for future expansion, doubling the current escalator capacity.  Logistical challenges included limited access, constricted working conditions, work sequencing, and security constraints.

  • Access/Egress – Access was provided adjacent to Gate C42 at the Concourse Level. The aluminum glazed exterior wall was removed and floor protection was installed (from this location to the center core).
  • Gate Closures – Gate C42 closures were coordinated with Airport Operations and Southwest Airlines. This allowed for the hoisting of material and removal of material at this location via crane and/or forklift.
  • Temporary Walls / Barricades – Milender White erected temporary wall panels to shield the work site from the public. The panels were constructed of metal studs and covered on one side with vinyl-covered wall panels.
  • Gantry Cranes – Major material hoisting was accomplished with two (2) each 20-ton Gantry cranes. They consisted of approximately 100’ of track and two (2) each W24x94x40 Beams.

Minimizing Impacts on Airport Operations – The majority of the work was performed between the hours of 9 PM and 5 AM to reduce the impact of noise, vibrations, odors, and dust on adjacent airport operations during the busier daytime hours.  All waste material was hauled out by way of Gate C42 and trucked to DIA’s recycling facility when possible.

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