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DIA Level 5 Observation Deck Demolition

Denver, CO

Type: Civil, Government

Owner: Denver International Airport Planning & Engineering Division Office

Milender White partially demolished an existing slab on the pan observation deck at DIA.  The deck, supported from below by structural steel beams and columns, was first saw cut into six (6) sections.  Rigging for each section was installed before final saw cuts were made.  The team then lowered each section 40’ to the ground over a period of two (2) days.  Each section ranged in weight from 14,000 lbs. to 65,000 lbs.

Milender White analyzed three (3) methods of completing the demolition.  Following discussions with DIA, the engineer of record, and the subcontractors, Milender White developed a work plan detailing the most efficient and safest approach.

  • Selective demolition of structural members was performed prior to installing the new support structure. Milender White secured engineer approval of the plan to ensure sections being removed would not affect the stability of the remaining structure.
  • Work was performed 40′ above the ground with no guardrail in place. All subcontractors and Milender White supervisors underwent Fall-Hazard training prior to being allowed on the observation deck.  100% tie-off signs were posted, and Milender White’s Superintendent controlled access.
  • The crane and sections being removed came within a foot of the support structure for the roof/tent due to tight site constraints. RMS Cranes identified all critical dimensions and developed a plan for how each piece would be removed.  A dry run was conducted the morning of the demolition to ensure the plan would work.

Due to the extensive pre-planning and on-site supervision, the work was completed with no issues.  The lowering of full sections to the ground for demolition, in lieu of demolishing the deck in place, resulted in increased productivity, enhanced quality control, and zero injuries or incidents.

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