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Platte Valley Homes

3058 Champa St
Denver, CO

Type: Government, Multi-Unit Residential

Owner: Denver Housing Authority

Architect: Humphries Poli Architects

Project Summary

Milender White was the design-builder responsible for meeting DHA’s program for modernization of the Platte Valley Homes property located adjacent to Mestizo Curtis Park in Denver.  The revitalization effort addressed the property’s need for capital improvements while focusing on the Authority’s goals to improve the area with vibrant, economically sustainable housing.

Initial services included providing an evaluation of the Authority’s program and resolving issues relating to access, traffic, drainage, parking, and cost.  The design-build team proposed architectural, civil, structural, mechanical, electrical and other systems that meet the Authority’s goal for both sustainability and constructability.  This included an analysis of green building measures and grant programs that helped with the overall development budget.

The modernization program totals 69,242 sq. ft. and will provide 18 new housing units for seniors and the rehabilitation of 50 existing housing units for low income families. The Milender White team met the challenges of integrating 80-year-old structures with new building designs.  25% of the existing brick was recycled and reused on buildings to support visual continuity and appeal to the history of the community (see photos below).

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