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S*Park Civil

25th, 26th, Lawrence, Arapahoe
Denver, CO

Type: Civil

Owner: Westfield Company, Inc.

Project Summary

Civil Improvements to the Sustainability Park project were multifaceted. Improvements were made to roadways, wet and dry utility infrastructure, and a complete redevelopment and widening of 25th Street. To improve the adjacent city infrastructure, over 1,000 feet of sidewalk, curb and gutter were inspected and replaced as necessary on Lawrence, Arapahoe and 26th. Additionally, complete replacement of surround ramps and medians on property corners were completed. Over 900 feet of mow band was added to the back of the curb to allow for tree lawn maintenance. Tree lawns received updates including existing tree removal, addition of an irrigation system, and planting of 26 new trees. Through the course of construction an existing 36” diameter oak tree was protected throughout a multitude of construction operations immediately adjacent to it.

Existing utilities in the area were in need updating and replacement. The project navigated through multiple street closures performing work in partial streets, after hours and on weekends to accommodate the transportation needs of the City. Potholing and identification of existing utilities were key to the success and minimized impact to the community by reducing the length of closures within city streets. Improvements to storm system, water lines, fire lines and sanitary system. New fire hydrants replaced old and additional hydrants were added. In effort to minimize impact and cost, approximately 700 feet of clay pipe sewer pipe was lined with epoxy to reinforce and make the pipe new.

The Sustainability Park project developed a Transportation Engineering Improvement plan to re-develop 25th Street to accommodate the traffic needs of the area. MW performed a complete demo of the existing road, curb, gutter, sidewalk, light poles and more. Over excavation and recompacting of the road allowed for an added 5500 sf of vehicular concrete pavement for parking, 5500 square feet of sidewalk, and 9000 square feet of new asphalt pavement. New signage and striping were installed upon completion of the pavement. Electrical improvements followed the pavement with four new light poles, electric car charging station, and a bike share station. Fencing of the adjacent property along with repairs to landscaping and irrigation systems as required for the widening of the road to accommodate the new concrete paved parking.

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