Milender White is an innovator in construction, delivering outstanding projects based on proven systems and advanced technology. With offices in Colorado and southern California, we are builders of award-winning commercial and residential projects. We provide unsurpassed service to clients, superb career opportunities, and total commitment to safety, quality and integrity.

An outstanding final product is the standard we set for every project. Our process allows us to achieve ConstructAbility and to provide an unmatched level of visibility and transparency throughout every step of the pre-construction, construction and close-out process. 

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In order to consistently put forth our best effort in achieving ConstructAbility, we stand by a set of principles that guide our company in everything we do. We think this kind of deliberate corporate culture allows our people to do and be their best—which of course results in the best possible outcome for our clients.

  • Taking care of our people is of the utmost importance at Milender White, so we take their safety and well being very seriously. To reduce the risk of accidents, we require all employees to complete comprehensive and mandatory safety training, we implement safety and health protocol and enforce a drug- and alcohol-free work place.

  • Customer satisfaction means more to us than anything else—it’s what drives us to be great and to deliver truly outstanding results at every level. To deliver on our clients’ goals and vision, we maintain a highly collaborative environment, both internally and externally, that allows for transparency every step of the way.

  • Plain and simple, we stand by the quality of our work and do everything in our power to ensure our clients are happy with our output every step of the way. We’ve gone so far as to create a proprietary project management process that allows us to track the health of every project based on 77 individual metrics, creating an unprecedented level of transparency and visibility throughout every stage of construction. Being able to monitor and adjust as we go allows our clients total control and visibility—resulting in superior quality and customer satisfaction.

  • Not because we should be, but because it’s the right thing to do. Our LEED-accredited employees help find creative ways to implement green building strategies in our projects.

  • Fostering a culture of growth is important to us because it means opportunity for our employees while enabling us to grow together as a company. Through state-of-the-art training, collaboration at every level, the chance to learn from others, and on-going training programs, we set our employees up for success. We also offer internship programs, reimbursement for continuing education and ample opportunities for promotion.

  • It’s always our goal to hire the best, most qualified people we possibly can. By deliberately assembling a diverse workforce, we add the unique perspectives, creative view points, backgrounds and experiences that collectively make us stronger as at team—and bring even more to the table for our clients.