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Tapiz at Mariposa

1099 Osage Street
Denver, Colorado

Type: Multi-Unit Residential, Government

Owner: Denver Housing Authority

Architect: RNL Design

Project Summary

Milender White was the design-builder on this eight-story, 100-unit senior and disabled low income housing development. The 97,000 sq. ft. transit-oriented community enhances many aspects of public health for residents including improved non-vehicular access such as bicycle, pedestrian and mass transit routes as well as improved access to community amenities.

Tapiz at Mariposa delivers exceptional environmental efficiency and energy performance and is LEED Platinum certified. The project achieved a 50% energy savings from baseline ASHRAE 90.1. Notable energy efficiency features include a 75KW solar photovoltaic system, a geothermal system that utilizes the ground temperature to heat and cool each residential unit and a grey water re-use system.

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